My name is William Adams and I work in creative media production and business marketing. Thanks for checking out my personal portfolio site! When you are finished here, I encourage you to also visit my production studio's main website for an expanded look at my work, plus other content. Here's a bit of background info about myself and how I got into media production.
Middle Georgia is home for me. I was born and raised here. I was never really sure of what I wanted to do with my life career-wise until I first picked up a camera. I knew then that media production was the passion I never realized I had, especially photo and video production.
I had absolutely zero knowledge of production, cameras, or any related skill when I started out. Figuring out how to stitch two phone video clips together into one video file was a great victory during those first few days. I have continued to build experience and add to my knowledge ever since. You are never truly finished learning how to be a better filmmaker or photographer.
About My Production Studio
I started publishing my work under a production studio name I came up with, ShadowCast Studios. It was originally nothing more than a made-up name, but rapidly manifested a tangible presence around itself. Today, ShadowCast Studios is a side business for me. I provide professional creative production services and specialize in cinematic videography, photography, and filmmaking work.
I provide services to clients in Warner Robins, Macon, Perry, Fort Valley, and the surrounding Middle Georgia region. I also do limited work with audio production, sound recording, screenwriting, and graphic design.
Want to Learn More?
Check out my studio's website if you'd like to learn more about the production services I provide or to request a free service consultation and quote for your project!
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